Top 4 Reasons to Visit Lake Tahoe in Fall

There’s really no bad time to visit Lake Tahoe. Regardless of the season, its epic beauty is ever-changing and never fails to amaze. So it’s no wonder that, when it comes to experiencing autumn’s changing colors, Lake Tahoe in fall offers one of the world’s best fall experiences. So, keep reading, and check out four of the best ways to get yours. (more…)

Top 5 South Lake Tahoe Hiking Trails

mother hiking with baby in backpack

Here at Camp Rich, we’re no more than 10-20 minutes from five of the best South Lake Tahoe hiking trails. And when we say best, we mean the world-famous kind of best—the types of trails that always seem to make their way to the top of most people’s must-do lists. That said, we thought it our due diligence to give you the lowdown on these five epic uphills—ranging from beginner to expert. (more…)

It’s Lake Tahoe Oktoberfest-Time Again!

Dust off the dirndl, latch those lederhosen, grab your stein, and don’t forget the kids. Camp Richardson’s 25th Annual Oktoberfest is Oct 5-6!

We’ve been celebrating Oktoberfest in Tahoe like nowhere else in the basin since 1994. And with 25 years of good vibes under our belts, we’re about to make Camp Richardson’s Oktoberfest 2019 our most bluetiful fest yet. Check it out! (more…)

10 easy (and delish!) camping food recipes

cooking over a campfire

Unofficial outdoor recreation fact: camping food tastes better. At Camp Richardson, we think this is especially true of campsite cuisine prepared in the great outdoors on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Why not try these easy camping-food recipes next time you head out? You just might start a new tradition.

#1 – S’moreos

oreo cookie s'more

Photo courtesy of

Take your treats game to the next level with an epic twist on a beloved classic. With this S’moreos recipe by the folks at you just replace the graham cracker with a chocolate sandwich cookie. It’s that easy (and even more irresistible than it sounds). (more…)

These 3 Lake Tahoe cruises are exactly what you’re looking for

panoramic view of emerald bay lake tahoe

When you consider the sandy shores, crystal clear waters, Ponderosa-pine-lined vistas and rugged surrounding peaks, it’s no wonder Lake Tahoe’s beauty is 100% legendary. But until you’ve experienced North America’s largest alpine lake from aboard one of the famous Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe cruises, you simply cannot fully appreciate the beauty of the Big Blue. (more…)

5 Lake Tahoe Traffic Hacks You Need

south lake tahoe water taxi

With these 5 insider tips, you’ll spend more time sipping Rum Runners and less time sitting in traffic.

Lake Tahoe traffic ebbs and flows depending on the season, day of the week, and road conditions. Most times, it’s no big deal. Other times—especially in summer—it can give rush hour in downtown Los Angeles a run for its money. And those are the times when you’ll be glad you have these five Tahoe traffic hacks stashed in your backpack. (more…)

Vikingsholm, Lake Tahoe – Interesting Facts

sunset at emerald bay lake tahoe

Vikingsholm mansion, on the shores of Emerald Bay, spies on Fannette Island in the morning’s first light..

Lake Tahoe’s most spectacular natural feature—Emerald Bay State Park is home to both Fannette Island and the historic architectural wonder called Vikingsholm mansion (known affectionately as Vikingsholm Castle). Built in 1929 by a woman named Lora J. Knight, it’s no wonder the 38-room, granite-built vacation home is referred to as a castle.


Lake Tahoe Spring Break – 6 Things to Do

family cross country skiing

Expect some seriously powderful fun for Lake Tahoe spring break 2019!

As you probably know, we have SNOW—and lots of it. That said, here are some things you can do to get the most out of your spring snow getaway in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. (more…)

Lake Tahoe Weather Trends – Fun (& Useful) Facts

aerial photo of camp richardson lake tahoe

Understand Tahoe Weather & Know How to Pack

One of the best things about Lake Tahoe’s weather trends is that they make this place one of the best in the world for year-round outdoor fun. And we speak from experience. After all, Camp Richardson has been a year-round South Lake Tahoe resort for almost a century. (more…)

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe – A Basic Checklist

man snowshoeing lake tahoe

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe has been a local pastime for decades. (Photo courtesy of Camp Richardson)

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe—there’s no better way to enjoy a wintery adventure in the Sierra. Low-snow conditions or obstacles like downed trees might delay cross-country skis, but they’re no match for snowshoes.

And what’s especially great about snowshoeing Lake Tahoe (or anywhere) is that it’s ultra easy and super fun for the whole family. If you can walk with a wide stride, you can snowshoe.

Camp Rich’s snowshoe trails have been a local and visitor favorite for decades, so we like to think we know our stuff. That said, if you’re new to snowshoeing or just new to snowshoeing the lake trails, this checklist is for you. We made sure to include the basic stuff you’ll need to know before heading out for some pristine snow touring. (more…)