The Beacon Bar & Grill

The Beacon

Located on the shores of South Lake Tahoe on the way to Emerald Bay.

Saturday & Sunday 11am-Close
Monday-Friday 11:30am-Close

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Events & Specials

Every Wednesday is $5 Rum Runner Wednesday!

Live Music on the deck starting May 24!
1 - 5pm. Weekends through June 15, then Wednesday - Sunday through the rest of summer! 



Live on the Deck (1-5pm) (weather dependent)

July 16  The JKC Band
July 17  Big Bad Wolf
July 18  Deep Fryed Mojo
July 19  The JKC Band
July 20  Jeff Jones & The Bank
July 23  The JKC Band
July 24  Deep Fryed Mojo
July 25  Johnny O Band
July 26  The Insomniacs
July 27  Key Lime Pie
July 30  The JKC Band
July 31  Big Red


August 1  The Novelists
August 2  Nothin Personal
August 3  Midnight Riders
August 6  The JKC Band
August 7  Deep Fried Mojo
August 8  Mud Bonz
August 9  The Blues Monsters
August 10  Sil Shoda
August 13  The JKC Band
August 14  The Jeff Jones Band
August 15  Lake Effect
August 16  Big Bad Wolf
August 17  Ventura Highway
August 20  The JKC Band
August 21  Deep Fried Mojo
August 22  Straight Jacket
August 23  Key Lime Pie
August 24  Big red
August 27  The JKC Band
August 28  Cash Only
August 29  Johnny O Band
August 30  Matthew Szlachetk



Located on the shores of South Lake Tahoe on the way to Emerald Bay