Unofficial camping fact: camping food tastes better. At Camp Richardson, we think this is especially true of campsite cuisine prepared in the great outdoors on the shores of Lake Tahoe. A camping trip in Lake Tahoe is the perfect opportunity to try out some new easy camping meals. After all, who doesn’t love sitting around the campfire, munching on delicious snacks in the natural Tahoe beauty? Be sure to try these easy camping recipes next time you head out! You just might start a new camping recipe tradition.

#1 – S’moreos


Photo courtesy of www.therecipenut.com

Take your treats game to the next level with an epic twist on a beloved classic. With this S’moreos recipe by the folks at www.therecipenut.com you just replace the graham cracker with a chocolate sandwich cookie. It’s that easy (and even more irresistible than it sounds).

#2 – Camping Sandwiches

camping sandwiches

Photo courtesy of www.FoodNetwork.com

Sandwiches are a camping food essential. But the same old cold cuts and cheddar slices can get a bit boring. Well, never fear! Guy Fieri’s camping sandwich recipe is coming in hot (and easy to make!). Grilled to perfection over the fire, these little gems are comfort camping food at its best.

#3 – Ember Roasted Corn and Leeks

roasted corn

Photo courtesy of www.bonappetit.com

Just because it’s camping food doesn’t mean it can’t get a little fancy—like this ember-roasted corn and leeks recipe from www.bonappetit.com. This seriously sustainable side dish makes it easy to impress everyone with your culinary capabilities (as well as your clean-food consciousness).

#4 – Dutch Oven Chilaquiles

dutch oven

Photo courtesy of www.theadventurebite.com

Don’t be intimidated. When it comes to camping food, the easy-to-use Dutch oven is your best friend. This dutch oven chilaquiles recipe from www.theadventurebite.com makes an awesome dish for breakfast or lunch. Whip it up, and you’ll soon be everybody’s favorite camp cookie.

#5 – Cajun Hobo Pockets

cajun hobo pockets

Photo courtesy of www.abeautifulmess.com

All you need is a foil packet and hot coals to cook up these ultra-healthy Cajun hobo pockets by Emma Chapman from her blog, A Beautiful Mess. Just wrap ’em up and drop ’em in the coals. Could healthy camping food get any easier than this?

#6 – Banh Mi Hot Dogs

banh mi hot dogs

Photo courtesy of www.twomarketgirls.com

If you’re looking for a foodie twist on another campsite classic, this Banh Mi hot dog recipe is for you.  As a bonus, this versatile vegetarian camping food recipe is easily adjusted to accommodate your carnivores, too. Just bring along veggie and regular hot dogs, and you’re all set. It’s great for camping!

#7 – Campfire Bacon

campfire bacon

Photo courtesy of www.zestuous.com

Just when you thought you’d run out of ways to increase its crispy deliciousness, here comes campfire bacon. More a camping food technique than a recipe, this method is not only healthier (much of the grease drips into the fire) it also adds a unique smoky flavor.

#8 – Grilled Salmon in Foil

grilled salmon

Photo courtesy of www.thismamacooks.com

This grilled salmon in foil recipe is so darn good, no one will suspect it’s healthy. And it’s so hard to mess up, no one will notice how many camping sangrias (see #9 below) you consumed while whipping it up. Pair the salmon with the ember-roasted corn and leeks side dish (#3) for a fine and filling feast.

#9 – Camping Sangria


Photo courtesy of mightymrs.com

Breakfast time or bedtime, any time is a good time for sangria. So, why not try the Mighty Mrs. camping sangria recipe on your next trek? With lots of fresh fruit and strong vodka, this campsite cocktail is perfect to enjoy before you head out for the day and when you settle into camp for the night. Cheers!

#10 – Blueberry Cobbler on the Grill

blueberry cobbler

Photo courtesy of www.tablespoon.com

Think you can’t enjoy a fresh-baked dessert at camp? This recipe for blueberry cobbler on the grill will have you thinking again. You’ll be amazed that just four simple ingredients and a nice, hot campfire is all it takes to make the camping dessert of their dreams. Everyone loves comfort food while they’re camping!


Camp Richardson’s General Store has you covered for essentials (plus emergency picnics and made-to-order deli sandwiches). Make sure to be aware of the bears who call Lake Tahoe home, and manage your food and campsite accordingly. Here are more tips on campsite safety to ensure your best trip ever. Now go ahead and try these easy delicious camp food recipes and reserve your campsite in Lake Tahoe now!