There’s nothing better than Lake Tahoe in the fall, and no better place to experience a Tahoe fall than at Camp Richardson! We love the crisp smell of fallen leaves surrounding our cabins and are blown away by the changing colors around the lake. We know many people are searching for the ultimate Lake Tahoe Fall Guide and looking for things to do in Lake Tahoe this fall. So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Lake Tahoe fall activities to help you craft the perfect bucket list for your next vacation! 

1. Tahoe Fall Fun: Tahoe Fall Fun: Complete A Jigsaw Puzzle Or Read A Good Book

If you’re staying in one of the cabins at Camp Richardson, don’t forget to pack a jigsaw puzzle or a good book! Pour the puzzle pieces onto one of the tables and get to work. As you solve your puzzle, talk with your significant other, family member, or friends. While taking a break from your puzzle, grab a book and stay cozy next to the gas fireplace inside your cabin – this is your chance to get the relaxation you’ve been craving. 

2. Tahoe Fall Fun: Mountain Biking and Cycling 

Mountain biking and cycling are great activities for those that love the outdoors, especially in the fall! Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the lake, or feel free to use a road bike that can cruise along the twisting mountain roads. You’ll love biking through the fall colors around Lake Tahoe and hearing the crunch of leaves under your bike tires! 

3. Tahoe Fall Fun: Hiking

If you want to spend a peaceful morning or afternoon outside, pack a backpack with some water and food and go on a hike through the stunning fall foliage! Camp Richardson has direct access to the Tahoe Basin’s famous Desolation Wilderness and Rainbow Trail! You can choose from other incredible trails based on your skill level and how far you are willing to hike. 

4. Tahoe Fall Fun: Leaf Peeping

Leaf peeping is a term that involves people traveling to locations where they can photograph and experience beautiful fall foliage! If you’ve already taken steps to book your stay at Camp Richardson, you won’t have to travel further to experience views that will leave you in awe. See how the aspens and maple trees have changed from green to bright orange, yellow, and red, painting the mountains with warm colors. 

5. Tahoe Fall Fun: Press Leaves Into An Album

While leaf peeping or hiking around Camp Richardson, gather the prettiest leaves to be pressed and added to an album. Choose leaves that have freshly fallen from the tree, not yet curled or dried. Use a heavy book or another weighted option to press and preserve them. Add each leaf to your album and write where you found them so you can return to the same spot to collect more for years to come! 

6. Tahoe Fall Fun: Watch Salmon Spawning

Visitors have traveled to watch the Kokanee salmon spawning in Taylor Creek for years. You’ll see a sea of red as both male and female salmon work together to lay eggs that will hatch several months later. Salmon spawning typically occurs each October, so book your stay at Camp Richardson now so you can be at the creek in time! 

7. Tahoe Fall Fun: Horseback Riding

Nothing screams fall more than enjoying the fall colors on horseback! You can ride through stunning National Forest trails, peaceful mountain meadows, or next to the crystal-clear water of Lake Tahoe. You and your family will love spending time outside while doing something completely different from your everyday routine! 

8. Tahoe Fall Fun: Disc Golfing

A unique way to enjoy the outdoors this fall is with a friendly game of disc golf! Lake Tahoe disc golf courses are typically open until the snow falls, allowing you to enjoy the fall colors while competing against your family or friends. Just search for a disc golf course near you, and you can get playing almost immediately! 

9. Tahoe Fall Fun: Hot Apple Cider Around A Campfire

As the weather cools off, there’s only one right combination for staying warm, campfires and warm apple cider! Camp Richardson is the perfect setting for building a cozy fire, pulling out a chair, and cuddling up with a big blanket with a cup of apple cider in your hands. Tall trees surround you, making you feel like you’re one with nature – no worries can trouble you out here!

10. Tahoe Fall Fun: Stargaze From Your Tent

Make your way to the General Store to grab a cup of hot chocolate to stay warm as the sun sets over Lake Tahoe. When your campfire burns low, crawl into your tent and look up at the stars. Try to find your favorite constellation and search for the North Star. The crickets chirping in the background will create a peaceful night, allowing you to drift off to sleep and go on a fun fall adventure in the morning!

If you’re ready to experience Lake Tahoe in the fall, book your stay at Camp Richardson today! You’ll want to hold your spot in one of our year-round cabins, Historic Hotel, Beachside Inn, or Lake Tahoe Marina Duplex, as bookings go fast! You’ll remember your stay at Camp Richardson for years to come!

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