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You’ll find answers to most of your questions right here. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 800.544.1801.

ATMs / Accepted Forms of Payment
  • We accept cash and all major credit cards and debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard symbol.
  • We do not accept Apple Pay.
  • ATMs are located on the resort property for your convenience at the General Store, Historic Hotel, and at the Beacon Bar & Grill.


Camping / RVs

Q. Is there a Quiet Time?
A. Yes, quiet time is from 10pm to 8am.

Q. Does Camp Rich offer winter camping?
A. Unfortunately, we don’t offer winter Camping. However, our Beach Side Inn, Historic Hotel, and year-round cabins are available all year.

Q. Does the RV park offer water, electric, and dump station services?
A. Yep! We have both full and partial hookup sites. See our RV village page for detailed info.

Q. Are there shower facilities available?
A. Yes, each of the two campgrounds have separate facilities for your convenience. You can purchase shower tokens at the Historic Hotel front desk.

Q. Are campfires allowed?
A. Yes, campfires are allowed, but always remember to use proper fire safety precautions. Check out the video below for more info:

The following helpful video also includes info and answers to many of your questions about Camp Rich camping rules and safety. Give it a quick watch and you’ll be a Camp Rich safe-camping pro!

For more info, give us a call at 800.544.1801

Check-In / Check-Out Times

Check-in/out times vary based on season and the way you stay. So, please refer to the section that is relevant to you for accurate times.

Winter Season







Marina Duplex



Richardson House



Beachside Inn



Summer Season







Marina Duplex



Richardson House



Beachside Inn



Camping & RV Sites



For more info, call 800.544.1801


A. Where are onsite restrooms located?
Q. There are restrooms located throughout the resort for your convenience:

  • Beacon Bar & Grill
  • General Store
  • Marina
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Historic Hotel
  • Beach

To locate restrooms, refer to the map in the right sidebar.

Fire Safety

What would camping be without epic around-the-fire confession sessions? So, please, enjoy campfire time at Camp Rich. Just be sure to take a few simple but super important precautions. Watch the following video and you’ll be a campfire expert in no time!

Holiday Feasts

Q. Do you offer holiday feasts on the day of?
A. Barring extreme weather, The Beacon Bar & Grill holds holiday feasts on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. We also host Mother’s Day and Easter brunch as well as an annual extravaganza called Fall Feast Week each year. Visit The Beacon Bar & Grill page for more info.

Q. Is the regular menu served?
A. Yep. We serve our regular menu alongside all feasts. The feast menu is served all day.

Q. Are reservations required for the feasts?
A. Not necessarily, but reservations are highly encouraged, as seats fill up fast. Make reservations for dinner at 530.541.0630.

Lodging Reservations

Q. Why don’t you offer online reservations?
A. Our lodging mix is so varied and unique, we’ve found that booking in-person (via phone or email) allows us to ensure the ideal accommodations mix for our guests. We are, however, excited to now offer online reservations for tent and RV camping.

Q. What is the best way to book my stay at Camp Richardson?
A. Give us a call at 1.800.544.1801. You can also submit a lodging or camping inquiry online, and one of our accommodations team members will get in touch; however, keep in mind that an email inquiry in itself does not confirm your reservation.

Onsite Dining

Q. Does Camp Richardson offer onsite dining?
A. We sure do! These include:

  1. The Beacon Bar & Grill (serving lunch and dinner)
  2. Coffee & Confectionery
  3. Ice Cream Parlor
  4. General Store & Deli (serving breakfast and lunch)

Q. Does Camp Richardson allow pets?
A. For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, Camp Richardson has a strict no-pets policy. Certified service animals are always welcome.

Hours of Operation

Camp Richardson offers lodging and fun stuff to do year-round. However, due to significant weather changes throughout the year, the following venues’ hours vary by season:

 Visit each page for updated hours throughout the year, or call 800.544.1801 for more info.

Nearby Ski Resorts

Some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world is located right here in Lake Tahoe, and every world-class resort is within driving distance of Camp Richardson. Following is a list of the closest and best of these resorts:

Give us a call at 530.542.6584 for more info on specials and packages.


Transportation to / from Camp Rich

Q. Do you offer a shuttle from Reno/Tahoe International Airport?
A. Camp Rich does not run a shuttle. However, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s Transportation Page has tons of info on ways to get from there to here and back again.

Q. Do you offer a water taxi service?
A. Yes, we sure do. And bikes ride free! Visit the Water Taxi page for more info.

Q. Do any rideshare services operate in South Lake Tahoe?
A. Yes. The following are available at this time:

  • Limescooter (summer only)
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Several traditional taxi services
WI-FI / Technology

Q. Is Camp Richardson “unplugged?”
A. Absolutely not! Guests have access to limited free Wi-Fi in the Historic Hotel lobby, at the Coffee & Confectionery, and and the General Store. However, weather conditions can render our Wi-Fi a bit slow and patchy at times, but we’re more than happy to point out all the ways this magical place can be enjoyed without it! Just ask.

Q. Is there tech available to accommodate company meetings and conventions?
A. Yes. Our planning team will ensure you have access to all the AV and other tech necessary for your event. Visit our Weddings & Groups page for more info.

Wild Animal Safety

Q. Does Camp Richardson have bears? And are they safe?
A. We do regularly enjoy visits from bears and many other species of wildlife who are quite safe to be around. Follow a few simple rules, and the wildlife in our area will not pose a threat to campers.

The Common Sense Rules

  • Don’t feed the animals. Ever. This is the #1 most effective thing you can do to keep yourself and our animal friends safe.
  • Never leave food out on picnic tables, in tents, or in your vehicle.
  • Keep all food, coolers and food containers inside your RV or in the provided bear box at each camp and RV site.
  • Dispose of all garbage the provided animal-proof dumpsters, and be sure to lock after every use.
  • Fines can be levied for baiting bears, so be sure to follow all the food-care rules!
  • Refer to bear safety information posted throughout Camp Richardson.
  • Visit the USFS Bear Safety page for more info.
  • View the bear safety video below for more great tips.


Q. Is fishing allowed at Camp Rich?
A. Because our beach is a swimming beach, in the interest of safety, shore fishing is not allowed at Camp Richardson. However, there are nearby fishing spots within walking distance, and offshore fishing is, of course, always allowed outside the swimming zone. For more info on local fishing spots, feel free to ask around among the members of the Camp Rich team. We have plenty of fishermen who’d be happy to share what they know.

Biking & Hiking

Q. Where is the bike path located?
A. You’ll find the bike path just outside the General Store. See the resort map to the right for details.

Q. Where can I find a bike path or hiking map?
A. Maps are available at Mountain Sports Center and the General Store.


Beach, Marina & Boats

Q. Where are the beach and marina located.
A. Head down Jameson Beach Road from our main entrance, and you’ll end up right where you need to be.

Q. Can I rent a boat at the marina?
A. Yep! We have an extensive fleet of speed boats to choose from, as well as all kinds of other water fun and beach-side rentals. Visit the Marina page for detailed info.

Q: Do you have boat launching area?
A: We do not have a public boat launching area; the closest launch area is the Tahoe Keys. We do offer mooring buoys for rent. Visit the Marina page for more info.

Q. Are pets allowed?
A. No. In consideration all our guests and for the safety of your animals and surrounding wildlife, Camp Richardson has a strict no-pets policy.

Group Reservations & Events

Q: How big does a group have to be to qualify for group reservations?
A: A group is considered eight or more accommodations or 50 or more people.

Q: When is the earliest I can book a group reservation for the upcoming season?
A: Group reservations open September 15 for the next year.

Q: Do you have weddings at Camp Richardson?
A: Yes! We host weddings for up to 100 guests.

For more information on group events and weddings at Camp Richardson, visit our groups page, give us a call at 530.542.6587 or email Groups@CampRichardson.com.

Beacon Bar & Grill

Q. Is the Beacon Dog Friendly?
A. For the safety and comfort of all our guests, we do not allow pets other than service animals at the Beacon. Service animals must be tethered to the guest at all times and demonstrate the standard characteristics of a certified service animal.

Q. Does the Beacon take Lunch Reservations?
A. No, we do not take lunch reservations. However, we do take dinner reservations after 4 pm, November through May only.

Q. Does the Beacon have Happy Hour?
A. We do have Happy Hour in winter beginning in November and ending in May.

Q. When does the music program start?
A. The Beacon Summer Music Fest begins Memorial Day weekend. Check out our events calendar for more info.

Q. What time does the music start?
A. All shows in the Beacon Summer Music Fest begin at 1:00 pm.

Q. Does the Beacon accept reservation for large parties.
A. Yes, we welcome dinner reservations for parties up to 8.

Q. What time does The Beacon close?
A. Closing time is varies by season and is determined by business volume. Visit The Beacon page for current hours.

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