There are so many fun ways to stay in Lake Tahoe, especially at Camp Richardson! One of the best ways to stay is by setting up camp at our full-service Lake Tahoe campground and RV resort. Camp Richardson Resort and Marina has the best Tahoe tent camping and RV park around, with so plenty of amenities on-site for your convenience and the best views and atmosphere, if we do say so ourselves. When you camp at Camp Richardson, there’s no doubt that you’ll make long lasting memories! Read on to have all your burning Lake Tahoe camping questions answered!

Can you camp anywhere in Lake Tahoe?

There are endless opportunities for you to camp in Lake Tahoe, and we know we’re a little biased, but we think Camp Rich is the best! At Camp Richardson Resort & Marina, you can set up camp at our Badger’s Den Campground, Eagle’s Nest Campground, or our full-service RV village. Both tent and RV sites are perfectly located near many of our resort facilities that you’ll definitely want to check out, such as The Beacon Bar & Grill, General Store, Richardson’s Ice Cream Parlor and more!

Can you car camp in Lake Tahoe?

Car camping is a popular way to camp in Lake Tahoe, especially for families looking to plan a family vacation. Car camping is great for families due to its relative ease of driving your car right up to the campsite, parking your car, and setting up your site! We like to keep it simple here at Camp Richardson, so we’ll do whatever we can to help ease your stress of a fun family getaway! The only thing we ask is that you follow the vehicle limit pertaining to your campsite.

How much does it cost to camp in Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe camping prices vary at Camp Richardson Resort and Marina depending on how you choose to camp and which days you choose to visit. For South Lake Tahoe tent camping at Camp Rich, the cost for a single tent site is $50/night Sunday through Thursday and $55/night Friday and Saturday. For a double tent site, the cost is $100/night Sunday through Thursday and $110/night Friday and Saturday. For a triple tent site, the cost is $165/night Sunday through Thursday and $180/night Friday and Saturday.

Regarding South Lake Tahoe RV camping, the cost for partial hookup is $70/night Sunday through Thursday and $75/night Friday and Saturday. For full hookup, you’re looking to pay $75/night Sunday through Thursday and $80/night Friday and Saturday. There are also extra fees for camping during the holidays.

Do you need a reservation to camp in Lake Tahoe?

Reservations are required at Camp Richardson for both RV and camping sites. Because we do offer a variety of ways to stay at our resort, we found that booking via email or phone allows us to ensure the ideal accommodations mix for our guests. If you’re looking to book a Tahoe campsite at Camp Rich, give us a call at 1-800-544-1801 or you can submit a camping inquiry online to get in touch with one of our team members. Please keep in mind that an email inquiry itself does not automatically confirm your camping reservation!

Is Lake Tahoe good for camping?

With its breathtaking beauty and endless outdoor activities, Lake Tahoe is the perfect spot for camping! Here at Camp Rich, we have beautiful hiking trails, beaches, a full-service marina and various water toys to keep you busy while camping. Our campsites in Lake Tahoe are the place where family and friends come back every year to continue making those lifelong memories and reminisce on the old ones from their childhood.

Can you park an RV at Lake Tahoe?

Camp Richardson has designated sites for tents and RVs! As mentioned before, Camp Richardson Resort has both partial and full hookup sites for RVs. Partial hookup sites include water and electricity, but no sewer. Full hookup sites include water, electricity and sewer. Every RV site at Camp Richardson includes a picnic table and fire pit, and generators are not allowed at the campground.

When is the best time to camp in Lake Tahoe?

The warmer months are often considered the best time to camp at Lake Tahoe, since many Lake Tahoe campsites are seasonal, including Camp Richardson. The months from June to August are said to be the best time of the year for Lake Tahoe camping, as temperatures here are in the mid to high 70s. This weather is perfect for many people to explore the great outdoors of Lake Tahoe and take in all of its natural beauty. We highly recommend our guests to explore as much as they can as this is the perfect time to explore everything Tahoe!

What should I pack for camping in Lake Tahoe?

When camping in Lake Tahoe, you want to make sure that you are prepared for anything and everything. This includes packing everything from sunscreen and extra hiking gear to all your beach essentials! If you did accidentally forget to pack something, no worries! The General Store at Camp Richardson Resort and Marina is your one-stop shop for any of your must-have Tahoe camping supplies. If you’re not sure on how to start packing for your camping trip in Lake Tahoe, be sure to check out What To Bring On Your Rustic Lake Tahoe Camping Trip This Summer.

What can you do in Lake Tahoe while camping?

There’s so much to do in Lake Tahoe while camping! Recreational activities including hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding are all available when you camp at Camp Richardson. You can also choose to explore Lake Tahoe cruises and water taxis like the Vikingsholm Cruise, the Rum Runner Cruise in Lake Tahoe and the Water Taxi. You can also head down to our full-service marina and rent boats, seadoos and waverunners, pedal boats and more! You surely won’t go bored when you camp at Camp Richardson.

Where is the best place to camp in Lake Tahoe?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re pretty biased that Camp Richardson Resort and Marina is the best place to camp in Lake Tahoe! Our good old fashioned fun and great customer service along with our beautiful campsites is what keeps our visitors coming back every year. We strive to keep things simple yet memorable, so you’re able to spend quality time with your family and friends.

If you’re ready to reserve your campsite, call 1-800-544-1801 or send a campsite inquiry form to get in contact with one of our team members. You can also contact us if you have any questions or concerns about camping in Lake Tahoe!