School is finally out and your kids are begging you to take them on a summer camping trip. Or maybe you’re planning a kids-free trip for some much-needed peace and quiet. Before you can start enjoying your vacation, you’ll need to get started on the list of “what to bring on our camping trip this year.” We understand that your camping packing lists can start to become quite lengthy, so we decided to create a list of camping essentials that are necessary when camping in Lake Tahoe!

#1 Sunscreen

We love the sun! But the sun doesn’t love us sometimes. Sunscreen should be at the top of your camping list to ensure that you don’t get an awful sunburn while enjoying the various amenities that Camp Richardson has to offer. Our full-service marina attracts a lot of campers who are looking to enjoy their day under the bright sunny skies. Whether you choose to cruise around on our SeaDoo rentals or glide on Lake Tahoe with our kayaks, be sure to lather up with some sunscreen so you don’t get too crisp on your first day of vacation!

#2 Hiking Gear

Hiking gear is a must if you’re interested in exploring the hundreds of local hiking trails near Camp Richardson. Our trails are perfect for visitors with varying skill levels and our resort also provides easy access to famous trails like Desolation Wilderness and Rainbow Trail. We recommend bringing waterproof hiking boots, a durable backpack that can store water and snacks, a compass and map for navigation purposes, and also first aid supplies in case of any emergencies. With these essentials, you will certainly experience a successful hiking trip!

#3 Fishing Gear

Looking to cook some fish over the campfire? Well, be sure to bring your fishing gear! Items such as a fishing pole, bait and tackle, a fishing license, and clothing that will protect you from the sun are needed when fishing near the resort. Shore fishing is not allowed at Camp Richardson since our beach is a swimming beach, but there are plenty of nearby fishing areas within walking distance from the resort and offshore fishing is always allowed as long as you are outside the swimming zone. We wish you luck and recommend talking to some local fishermen before you head out!

#4 Coolers

Of course, you need to bring plenty of food and drinks for the duration of your stay at Camp Richardson, and coolers are the way to go if you’re in need of keeping your items refrigerated! We do ask that you keep your coolers in your cabin, RV, or the provided bear box at your camping site as we enjoy regular visits from bears and other wildlife. By following this simple rule, the wildlife nearby will not pose any threats towards you or other campers!

#5 Biking Gear

One popular activity that campers at our resort love is biking! The Mountain Sports Center is the closest bike rental location to small alpine lakes and waterfalls in Lake Tahoe and it’s conveniently located right on a paved bike path. Be sure to pack your bike helmet and comfortable biking clothes so you and your family can enjoy a day full of fun exercise on our beautiful trails!

#6 Beach Essentials

Beach party! Our beach is now open which only means one thing, you MUST bring your swimsuit! Along with that, beach towels, goggles and sandals would be a good idea as well. Our beach is a great place to relax and take a break from other activities, just be sure to follow our beach rules so all visitors can have a good time!

#7 Extra Cash

There’s nothing better than a couple of cold scoops of your favorite ice cream on a hot summer day! This is why we recommend bringing some extra cash on your summer camping trip. Our local favorite Lake Tahoe Ice Cream Parlor is a perfect place to stop and cool down to enjoy a yummy chilled dessert.

#8 Warm blankets

Lastly, grab some warm blankets and stick them in your vehicle! Whether you’re pitching a tent, sleeping in an RV or staying in our cozy cabins, it is always a good idea to have a couple of extra warm blankets. Our summer cabins don’t have insulation or heat, so bringing some warm blankets would be a smart idea for any cooler summer nights that you would experience!

With this list of camping essentials, you should feel confident about the bare minimum items that you will need when visiting our resort. Camp Richardson provides activities for guests of all ages, you just need to figure out which ones best suit you! We hope this helps you in creating your own essential summer camping trip list and look forward to seeing you this summer!

To camp at Camp Richardson, fill out our lodging inquiry form or book your campsite reservation online! Have questions about lodging or things to do in Lake Tahoe? Let’s talk!